ProAc News & Developments

ProAc annual summer close 27th Jul 2021
ProAc will be closed from Friday 30th July until Monday 16th August for our annual summer close. During this time please refer any enquires to your closest dealer/distributor for sales and support. Any communications sent directly to us will be answered after the 16th. All the best from the ProAc team.

A tribute to our much loved and respected founder 4th Jul 2021
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Founder & Managing Director Stewart Tyler. The excellence of ProAc designs will continue under his daughter Zoe & husband John, ensuring his work, influence & legacy go on as we enter a new phase of the ProAc story #RIP

New ProAc UK Dealers 7th Nov 2017
Three new UK dealers have joined the ProAc network over the course of 2017. They are Winchester Hi-Fi, Ceritech Audio in Cinderford, Gloucestershire and Audio T Brighton. These specialist retailers offer a fine range of equipment and electronics to compliment ProAc loudspeakers. For further information, please see their details in the UK Dealers section.

New ProAc Distributor: Canada 23rd Oct 2017
ProAc is pleased to announce our new Canadian distributor! Crown Mountain Imports. For all ProAc Canadian en-queries, please contact Crown Mountain Imports - distributor contact information can be found on our World Wide Distributors page.

New ProAc Distributor: USA 30th Jun 2015
ProAc is pleased to announce our new USA distributor! The Sound Organisation. For all ProAc USA en-queries, please contact The Sound Organisation - distributor contact information can be found on our World Wide Distributors page.

Latest News 17th May 2012
Since the implementation of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar cone materials utilised in the Carbon Pro range and Response D40R and K6 loudspeakers, we continue to investigate materials of all types, in order to make it feasible to manufacture cones of different sizes, for potential inclusion in future models.

The current range of ProAc loudspeakers is proving extremely successful, but we will continue to strive to make further improvements in the future as they become available.

We have just had an excellent review in Witchdoctor High End Magazine New Zealand on our D2. The reviewer commented on the open natural midrange, this was the aim when the D2 was designed using bigger Proac's and BBC monitors for reference, who concentrate on midrange particularly for voice reproduction, but the D2 having better bass and high frequency.

Product Reviews & Awards

HiFi Live Magazine Tablette 10 Signature Review 5th Sep 2018
Read the full review here. (Spanish Review)

What HiFi Response DT8 Review 25th Jul 2018
These speakers paint on an expansive sonic canvas, and locate instruments with precision and stability... They deliver that insistent bassline with plenty of verve. There's an impressive degree of agility, coupled to plenty of power and weight... They're good at conveying the momentum on hard-charging tracks keeping all the music's energy intact... We really like these speakers. They deliver such an entertaining sound we can't help but recommend them.
Read the full review here.

Speaker Shack Response D30S/RS/DS Review 25th Sep 2017
This is yet again one highly polished product from ProAc and shows what a good 2-way design can achieve when done right. There are not many speakers out there that I can think of that sound this good for the money. Highly Recommended!......
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Speaker Shack Response K6 Review 9th May 2017
The bass is incredible which plumbs the depths when required but also taught as can be, a delicious mid-range and an incredible top end is just the icing on this very nice cake. They play all types of music with such ease that you soon forget about them and just sit back and enjoy the music......
Read the full review here

Tone Audio Tablette 10 Review 8th Mar 2017
Following the driving bass line in Robin Trower's "Too Rolling Stoned," it's tough to believe this much bass is coming from such tiny cabinets. Whether you're experiencing the sound of ProAc for the first time, or are a long standing fan, this is a pair of speakers you can easily fall in love with.....
Read the full review on Tone Audio's website

Tone Audio Magazine Response D48R review 12th Apr 2016
Like a few other great speakers we've auditioned in the $10k - $20k range in the last year, the ProAc D48R in a moderately sized room delivers so much of what you'd expect from a $40k - $60k pair of speakers, there's hardly a reason to spend more .....
Read the full review on our website

Tone Audio Magazine Tablette Anniversary Review 16th Feb 2016
The Tablette Anivversary are the speaker to beat for a small to medium sized listening room with resolution that matches the big boys.....
Read the full review here

The Audiophile Appartment Tablette Anniversary Review 16th Feb 2016
The minute you fire up these tiny marvels, you'll be knocked back like the dude in the Maxell chair. These little speakers rock the house with full range sound that is incredibly disproportionate to their size. And yes darling, they produce real bass. .....
Read the full review here

What HiFi Studio 118 Review 17th Aug 2015
Weighty, detailed bass; lively treble; enthusiastic attitude; natural balance. An energetic-sounding speaker with which it is difficult to find fault; finally a rival for ATC in this price bracket.....
Read the full review here

What HiFi Response D30R Review 23rd Aug 2014
The Response D30Rs reinforce ProAc's excellent reputation for producing high-quality speakers. They're a great buy. These ProAcs are fine speakers. They're superb all-rounders that work well across all genres of music. Feed them a quality signal, position them with care and we're sure you'll be pleased.
Read the full 2 page spread review here.
Alternatively read the full review on What HiFi's Website.

What HiFi Response D40R review 20th Apr 2013
We could stretch this out a little, but we won't: ProAc's Response D40/Rs are wonderful. So there you have our verdict. Want to know more?.....Click Here

HiFi Plus K6 Review 28th Nov 2012
This could just be the best speaker that ProAc have ever made; it's certainly the best I have heard. It might even be more than that; it might just be the best conventional speaker currently being built in Britain.....
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Audio Beat (US) Response K6 Review 22nd May 2012
The K6es were those rare speakers that walked the line between truth and beauty with a steady gait, achieving both without leaning one way or the other.....
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What HiFi Response D28 Review 5th Nov 2011
We've heard speakers that go louder, deeper, and have more attack for the money, but nothing that does so many things so well. Audition these D28s.....
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What HiFi Studio 140Mk2 Review 30th Oct 2011
there are few rivals that deliver sound with such enthusiasm while still getting the hi-fi side of things right.....
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What HiFi Response D18 Review 29th Oct 2011
The Response D18s are an immensely compelling proposition. In a suitably talented system they're capable of delivering an extra-large slice of sonic heaven.....
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