Tablette 10 Signature

Following the success of the Tablette 10, ProAc decided to develop the design even further and produce a Signature version.

The Tablette 10 Signature shares the attributes of the Tablette 10 but has a larger more projected midrange giving excellent sound stage with a feeling of size, which is often missing in small loudspeakers.

A great deal of time was taken to design a new bass driver with an excel magnet system and our own solid copper phase plug.

After many months of measuring and listening by Stewart Tyler, the hand-built crossover was fine-tuned to obtain the best results from the bass driver.

The end product is a speaker similar to the Tablette 10 in sound but, on certain types of music and voice reproduction, advantages of the Tablette 10 Signature can be easily heard.

As with the Tablette 10, the Signature can be used with its back against the wall or alternatively, on good quality stands.

Punching well above its weight, the Tablette 10 Signature has taken the iconic ProAc Tablette design to its ultimate level of performance.


Featured veneer: Ebony


Nominal Impedance

10 ohms

Recommended Amplifiers

5 – 50W

Frequency Response

55Hz – 30kHz


86dB linear for 1 watt at 1 metre

Bass /midrange drivers

ProAc 127mm (5”) Pagina Mica cone with acoustic coating and copper excel magnet system with solid copper phase plug.


ProAc 25mm (1”) ProAc silk dome air cooled and inner damping


Finest components on dedicated circuit board. Multistrand oxygen free copper cable throughout. Split for optional Bi Wiring and Bi Amplification.

Height (Cabinet)

305mm (12”)

Width (Cabinet)

191mm (7.5”)

Depth (Cabinet)

159mm (6.25”)


each 5.5kg (12lb)


Stand mounting recommended can be shelf mounted if necessary


Acoustically transparent crimplene

Standard Finishes

Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Silk White, Natural Oak and Walnut

Premium Finishes

Rosewood, Ebony. *Premium Finishes to order at extra cost*

"The thought of achieving a loudspeaker that can fool you into believing you are listening to the real thing is the first thing in a designer's mind."

Stewart Tyler