ProAc’s premium range, the ‘K Series’, has now been in production for over a decade.

The range gets its name from the use of Kevlar as the material for its drive unit cones. ProAc has been investigating and developing the use of composite materials such as Kevlar and carbon fibre for many years. These materials benefit from being lightweight and also rigid which are ideal properties for loudspeaker cones.

Kevlar has a warm, sonic characteristic, reproducing excellent bass transients and extension, something that has become synonymous with the K Series sound.

Each Kevlar cone is painstakingly produced by hand and the method is very labour intensive and takes numerous hours to complete.

In order to realise the full potential of the K Series drivers, ProAc designed a new porting mechanism, whereby the bass is loaded by an almost invisible vent at the base of the cabinet, allowing an exceptional fast and weighty bass response.

Overall the K Series produces a sound that is incredibly clear, beautifully detailed and dynamic with an almost electrostatic like quality.

"The thought of achieving a loudspeaker that can fool you into believing you are listening to the real thing is the first thing in a designer's mind."

Stewart Tyler