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Tone Audio Magazine Tablette Anniversary Review


The Tablette Anivversary are the speaker to beat for a small to medium sized listening room with resolution that matches the big boys….. Read the full review here

The Audiophile Apartment Tablette Anniversary Review


The minute you fire up these tiny marvels, you’ll be knocked back like the dude in the Maxell chair. These little speakers rock the house with full range sound that is incredibly disproportionate to their size. And yes darling, they produce real bass. ….. Read the full review here

What HiFi Studio 118 Review


Weighty, detailed bass; lively treble; enthusiastic attitude; natural balance. An energetic-sounding speaker with which it is difficult to find fault; finally a rival for ATC in this price bracket….. Read the full review here

What HiFi Response D30R Review


The Response D30Rs reinforce ProAc’s excellent reputation for producing high-quality speakers. They’re a great buy. These ProAcs are fine speakers. They’re superb all-rounders that work well across all genres of music. Feed them a quality signal, position them with care and we’re sure you’ll be pleased. Read the full 2 page spread review here. Alternatively […]

What HiFi Response D40R review


We could stretch this out a little, but we won’t: ProAc’s Response D40/Rs are wonderful. So there you have our verdict. Want to know more?…..Click Here

"The beauty of music and the joy and emotion it brings is so much more important than designs based on scientific measurements and statistics. Designing loudspeakers is an art, a gift of knowing when something is right – when the soundstage is portrayed, the speakers disappear, and you thrill to the music."

Stewart Tyler